Landlords to be given more flexibility thanks to changes!

We all know that annual gas safety checks are a legal requirement and the fines for non-compliance are hefty! Ensuring you remain compliant can be problematic; firstly remembering when the renewal is due, then finding a registered ‘Gas Safe’ engineer and finally arranging access to your property – this can sometimes result in a GSC not being in place. Fortunately we use the latest software to ensure this never happens.

It now appears the government are looking at ways to provide greater flexibility. As a landlord you want to ensure you are getting the maximum number of months on any certificate i.e. 12 months. This creates a problem, you don’t want to renew your certificate too early as you will lose the remaining months on the old certificate; you then leave it till the last possible moment to renew but if a tenant then denies access or your engineer fails to turn up, you are left with a property with no valid GSC.

Changes to the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) don’t relax or reduce the safety standards but allow greater flexibility when arranging the annual check. It’s proposed that landlords will be able to carry out the checks up to 2 months prior to the renewal and still retain the existing expiry meaning you won’t have to leave it until the last minute.

Subject to approval by Parliament the new amendment will come into force on 06/04/2018. Please use the below link for a free copy of ‘Approved Code of Practice and guidance’

I have spoken with my Gas Safe Engineer and he agrees this would be a positive move but there are a number of changes that will need to be made prior to 06/02/2018. He had spoken with ‘Gas Safe’ who were not aware of the draft amendment, as the regulatory body for engineers this is slightly concerning and raises the question, will it actually come into force on 06/04/2018? I will obviously keep you updated.

Ian Mclaughlin (Author)