First Day at School

My twins started school last week, for them there was much excitement with endless fashion shows prior to the big day; they couldn’t wait to start the next chapter in their life.

For me there were concerns, will they be okay, will they make friends with the right children, have I prepared everything they need, but most importantly what happens if…

Thinking about it this very much relates to the industry I’m in. I remember my first property and the excitement I felt when the keys were handed over. I was moving into a sector I loved and had a real passion for, much like any child who starts school.

I also had concerns, we now have over 150 Acts of Parliament and numerous sets of regulations that govern the private rented sector. What if my tenants don’t pay, what if they trash my property and will I be able to get them out! These are the main concerns of many landlords. That feeling when I dropped the twins off for their first day was very much the feeling I had when I handed over the keys to my first tenants, I was about to leave my something I cherished with someone I had never really met before.

The reason most people look to invest in property is to secure their future, whether that be as a form of income now or in the future. All we want as parents and landlords is to know our future is in safe hands.

Like every child you will make mistakes the important thing is to learn from them. Consume as much information as possible and never be scared to ask for help. As my mentor said to me “Done Beats Perfect”